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The Daily 3- 3 heart outlet

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rnGood morning and welcome to the first Monday ofrnNovember! rnrnIt's a big week for the American Heart Association rnmore on National Eating Healthy Day in Tuesday and Wednesday's posts but wernstart like we always do every Monday morning on The Heart Beat...with health news yournmay have missed last week:rnrnHoward County, Maryland has an innovative approach to fighting obesity. Howard County,rnMaryland situated in the middle of that heavily commuted space betweenrnBaltimore and Washington, D.C. has launched a unique campaign encouragingrnresidents to choose unsweetened beverages when thirsty. rnrnPromoted by ThernHorizon Foundation of Baltimore, the campaign features a video Hollester of campaignrnvolunteers approaching strangers drinking sodas and replacing them withrnhealthier drink options. The is a play on familiar soda ads particularly those created byrnThe Coca Cola Company. that America's insatiable thirst for sugar-sweetenedrnbeverages can be linked to our on-going obesity epidemic. rnrnYou can learnrnmore about the campaign at .rn Last week's report from the Centersrnfor Disease Control and Prevention on young smokers revealed that many middlernand high school age students Hollister are using flavored tobacco products, includingrncigarettes and little cigars that look like cigarettes. rnrnThis is importantrnnews, of course, since tobacco companies claim that all of their advertising isrndirected at adult markets...including these flavored products. Regardless of addedrnflavorings, or the type of product consumed, tobacco is extremely harmful tornyour health.rnrn"Little cigars contain the same toxic andrncancer-causing ingredients found in cigarettes and are not a safe alternativernto cigarettes," said Tim McAfee, MD, MPH, director of the CDC's Office onrnSmoking and Health. "Many flavored little cigars appear virtually indistinguishablernfrom cigarettes with similar sizes, shapes, filters, and packaging."rnrn The use ofrnhormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women may not provide protectionrnagainst heart disease, according to a follow-up to a landmark study. Thernfindings, published in,are arnresult of another look at a landmark study that began in 1991 and examinedrn162,000 postmenopausal women. The women were separated into groups with somerntaking a placebo, some taking estrogen and some taking an estrogen andrnprogestin combination. rnrnThernoriginal study examined the long held belief that the therapy was effective notrnonly in treating menopausal symptoms, but also conditions Billig Hollister Kaufen such as heartrndisease.rnrnConnect with the American Heart Association by followingrnus , , and . Text HEALTH to 27722 for healthy lifestylerntips and heart healthy information on the go! Links on this blog are notrnendorsements. rnrn rn rnAbercrombie GrazrnJones Outlet Onlinern[youtube=http://tacosandtequilalv.com/nfljerseys/]

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